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Plastic Container Child Proof Lid PET Jar

Plastic Container Child Proof Lid PET Jar

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Introducing our Plastic Container Child-Proof Lid PET Jar, a pinnacle of customized packaging expertise crafted by HD Packaging Group. This jar is purpose-built for CBD pre-rolls, dried flowers, gummies, capsules, and tablets, providing secure and personalized packaging tailored to your unique requirements.

Key Features:

  • Customization Mastery: Shape, size, and color customization options empower you to create a unique packaging identity for your brand.
  • Child-Proof Lid: Prioritize safety with a child-proof lid, ensuring that the contents are secure and protected from unwanted access.
  • Embossed Logo Excellence: Elevate your brand presence with the option to include an embossed logo, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Multi-Technique Printing: Choose from an array of printing techniques, including electroplating, water transfer printing, and silk screening.
  • Flexible Distribution: Tailor packaging to varying distribution quantities, providing a versatile solution for retailers.


  • Safety Assurance: The child-proof lid adds an extra layer of security, keeping your products safe from unintended access.
  • Brand Distinction: Customize the jar's features to establish a distinctive brand identity, setting your products apart in the market.
  • Impressive Branding: Utilize embossed logos for a premium and lasting impression on your customers.
  • Printing Diversity: Explore various printing techniques to showcase intricate designs and brand elements.
  • Efficient Distribution: The flexibility in packaging enables efficient distribution, meeting the unique needs of retailers.

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