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V3 30ml PET plastic dropper E-liquid E-juice bottle

V3 30ml PET plastic dropper E-liquid E-juice bottle

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Model  V3
Case Mark C1/3-V3-NC-Y
Size H88.1 x W30mm
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Our V3 30ml PET E-liquid bottle is designed for maximum safety and convenience. The bottle is made from high-quality PET material, designed to be shatterproof and leakproof. As well as maintaining the integrity of your e-liquid, the bottle also features a child-proof and tamper-evident cap, so you can rest assured that your e-liquid is secure.

The V3 30ml PET E-liquid bottle, an exquisite and exquisite experience crafted from premium materials for discerning connoisseurs of e-liquid. Uniquely designed for convenience, the PET bottle offers a dignified presentation and durable construction, an ideal choice for those looking to savor the finest e-liquid. 

The V3 30ml PET E-liquid bottle is an elegant and exclusive must-have for any vaper. Combining the reliably strong PET material with an eye-catching design, this bottle offers a sophisticated way to vape your favorite E-liquids. Keep your liquids securely stored and beautifully displayed with the V3 PET bottle.

Experience a sophisticated vape with the V3 30ml PET E-liquid bottle. This bottle offers a refined, luxurious feel that elevates your vaping experience to the next level. Perfect for the discerning vaper, this 30ml E-liquid bottle is the perfect choice for those who seek out the finer details for a truly exclusive experience.

It is made of premium PET plastic, giving it an exceptional level of durability and chemical resistance. The bottle is also BPA-free, making it a safe and reliable choice for e-liquid storage.


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